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Take the Hassle Out of
Christmas Decorating!

Join us as a client of the tri state area's premier Christmas decorating company! At Lighting "R" Us we're pros at Christmas, and that's not just lighting. We are a full service decorating company that takes the hard work out of decorating your home or business. Make a big impression this year with Lighting "R" Us.

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Commecial Services


Our experienced lighting designer will come out and provide a FREE estimate.

Each home is unique and our services vary from home to home. We have a few options for decor that fit for all homes.

Our services include checking your home frequently to ensure decor is still in place, including after storms or bad weather.

After Christmas we start takedown and just like that you're hassle free!


Make your business stand out with Christmas decor. Provide a budget and an idea, and our lighting designer will give you a FREE estimate.

Our commercial lighting greatly varies depending on the type of business and building. 

Commercial properties take a bit more work than residential so we suggest inquiring in the summer prior to the hustle and bustle of fall.

We Offer Commercial Lighting Year Round!

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Twenty Years of Experience!

"We were so impressed with Lighting "R" Us that we told all our neighbors and almost the whole street is decorated by them! Thank you for making this Christmas season EASY!"

-Marci M

"My restaurant has never looked better at Christmastime. Customers come just to see our lights and decor and we have to thank Lighting "R" Us for that. I hire them every year!"

-Joe P


"I have been with Lighting "R" Us since the beginning and I have to say every year they do bigger and better. I love working with these guys and am so happy I don't have to climb onto the roof!"

-Sam T


Say Ho, Ho, Ho and We'll Show Up!
To see how magical we can be,

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